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Kate Vega
Graphic Design | Web Design | Digital Marketing
Plus Years


A unique blend of creative, business, and technical experience. A valuable, multi-faceted professional skillset that includes:

Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development
Email Marketing
Social Media
Multimedia Design


Visually-stunning product design, brand identity, and marketing creative builds strong consumer brands, and strong brands sell. Carefully crafted and sourced content that engages the customer across multiple touchpoints and throughout the lifecycle, builds brand awareness and loyalty. Site optimization and design, paired with a well-planned strategy aimed at delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, drives conversions and increases sales.

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Polished and professional brand design, consistent across channels, sells products, services, and reputation. Careful consideration and implementation of marketing strategies and brand identities that resonate with industry-specific audiences and build trust and authority in niche markets. Project confidence and lasting brand power with streamlined design and content marketing strategies that result in longer, more loyal and more profitable business relationships.

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Kent State University
2009 - 2012
Kent State University

B.T.A.S. Bachelor of Technical and Applied Sciences in Computer Technology with a Concentration in Web Applications Development.


Kent State University
2009 - 2010
Kent State University

A.A.B. Associate and Applied Business in Computer Technology with a Concentration in Web Scripting and Multimedia Design.

Youngstown State University
2001 - 2003
Youngstown State University

Pursued a B.A. Bachelors of Art in graphic design and visual communications.


Design with Your Business in Mind.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • BIGcommerce Web Development
  • GoDaddy PRO Web Development
  • Google Ads & Analytics
  • HubSpot Marketing & CRM
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing
  • Marketo Marketing Automation
  • Meta Facebook Social Media Marketing
  • Shopify Web Development
  • Squarespace Web Development
  • Webflow Web Development
  • WordPress Web Development


KV Design LLC

Design with your business in mind.

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